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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

David Carpenter unveils Bury St Edmunds sculpture

The Magna Carta Project's David Carpenter was recently called upon to help unveil a sculpture in Bury St Edmunds.'Our Liberty' commemorates the role of the town in the events surrounding Magna Carta - according to the chronicler Roger of Wendover, a group of discontented barons met at the abbey in the autumn of 1214 and sworn to unite in resistance to King John. You can read a translation of Wendover's account, together with a commentary by the MCP's Nicholas Vincent, on the Magna Carta Project site. For a vindication of Wendover's account, see David Carpenter's book Magna Carta (2015), pp. 290-95. You can read more about the Bury sculpture via the Magna Carta Trust.
David helps to unveil the sculpture in Bury
David with the mayor of Bury, Margaret Charlesworth, and other dignitaries

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