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Sunday, 5 July 2015

The Magna Carta Conference

The Magna Carta Conference took place 17-19 June, at King's College London and the British Library. It was a great success, with 30 speakers from across Europe and the USA presenting new research on the Charter and its world, and an audience of around 450 across the three days. 

Left to right: Gesine Oppitz-Trotman, Sophie Ambler and Janet Burton; Nicholas Vincent; Lindy Grant, Jinty Nelson and Levi Roach

The conference included, on the first evening, a reception at the Maughan Library in which the J.C. Holt Undergraduate Essay Prize was presented by Melvyn Bragg to joint winners Daniel Armstrong and Ian McDonald (who was unable to attend the prize-giving and received his award subsequently). The reception also saw the launch of the third addition of Holt's Magna Carta, edited by George Garnett and John Hudson. 

Top left: Daniel Power delivering a eulogy for J.C. Holt. Top right Daniel Power, Sophie Ambler, John Hudson, Claire Breay, Nicholas Vincent, Jean-Philippe Genet, David Carpenter, Hugh Doherty and George Garnett.
Bottom row (left to right), Daniel Armstrong; Sophie Ambler, Melvyn Bragg and Daniel Armstrong; Ian McDonald.

On the evening of 18, delegates were treated to a private viewing of the British Library's Magna Carta, Law, Liberty, Legacy, introduced by the exhibition's co-curator, and Magna Carta Project member, Claire Breay. 

Left to right: Bj├Ârn Weiler, John Sabapathy and Martin Aurell; Claire Breay introducing the British Library exhibition, and Louise Wilkinson.
The third day of the conference was held at the British Library and was rounded off with an evening session exploring the European parallels to Magna Carta. 

Left to right: William Chester Jordan, Julie Barrau and John Maddicott; Alice Taylor, Julian Harrison and Peter Crooks
You can view the full album from the conference on the Magna Carta Project Facebook page


  1. Glad to see the pictures from this: I've started blogging about some of the papers, but it'll take a while to get through them all, they gave me so much to think about.

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