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Friday, 2 January 2015

David Carpenter's 'Magna Carta' is published with Penguin Classics

1 January 2015 saw the publication of David Carpenter’s new book, Magna Carta, with Penguin Classics. The book provides a new translation of the Charter, presented with original chapter divisions that throw new light on how Magna Carta was understood by contemporaries. 

Reading the text closely, David shows for the first time how the Charter reflected divisions in early-thirteenth society. He also explains the ideas behind the agreement as well as giving a new narrative for the events leading up to Runnymede.

In preparing his book, David has been tracking down copies of Magna Carta 1215, as well as later issues, in medieval records – research that has revealed the existence of numerous drafts of the Charter that were carried off from Runnymede. David’s catalogue of Magna Carta copies can be viewed on the Magna Carta Project Website.

The release of David’s book was featured in a BBC News article by Nick Higham: Just how important is Magna Carta 800 years on?

David has also written an article for the Guardian, which highlights some of his findings.

Together with fellow Magna Carta Project members Nicholas Vincent and Claire Breay, David will be taking part in a four part series on Magna Carta to be aired BBC Radio 4 in January 2015.

Click here to view David’s Magna Carta on Amazon.